CONNEXE TECHNOLOGIE is a young, dynamic company of experienced IT specialists. With over thirty years of experience in the private and governmental sectors, its team members provide their customers with in-depth knowledge of technology solutions to add value to their offer.

CONNEXE TECHNOLOGIE views issues as opportunities, specializing in consulting services, the design of made-to-measure systems and the integration of existing solutions. These experts innovate and work closely with your organization to promote growth and success.

Through strategic partnerships, CONNEXE TECHNOLOGIE complemented its range of services with specific technology solutions for business intelligence and project management. Thanks to these open-ended, flexible tools, the company is able to implement sophisticated solutions at a fraction of the cost and time of a conventional development project.

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FlagFranchise was designed with one goal in mind: to help you easily identify the best franchisees for your business network, both on professional and personal levels. Their algorithm scans the input data to find the best fit with your brand!

FlagFranchise measures the potential compatibility of a prospective franchisee with the culture, values and needs of your network. More specifically, they have identified seven criteria that determine the quality of business partnerships between franchisors and franchisees.

This automated preselection process saves you valuable time, letting you focus on the applicants who are a good match for you. The result: higher levels of satisfaction, motivation and performance of the franchisees you choose.

Franchise World Link (FWL)is an innovative company with the vision to connect the franchise industry worldwide.

Franchise World Link is a network based on a flow of franchise business offers, structured around more than 10 industry sectors.

With FWL represented in Canada by Sylvie Grégoire of FlagFranchise and Totem performances organisationnelles, Canadian investors will have an opportunity to enter into master franchising agreements with franchisors around the world, while Canadian franchisors will be able to use the expertise in the network to expand their business globally.

Option Diversité is a commercial services broker specialized in providing a wide range of technology, products and services solutions to businesses. In collaboration with reputable providers of commercial products and services, we search and evaluate the best options for our clients based on their individual business needs, requirements and budgets.

At Option Diversité, we take the time to understand the particularities of your business in order to identify for you and suggest the best offers on the market. By opting for a one-stop solution for all your business needs, you save time and money. We provide free personalized consultation services to help you take an informed decision in such areas as:

  • payment terminals
  • till systems (with real-time synchronization of online sales)
  • cash advances: $10,000 to $150,000 financing
  • printing and promotional items
  • IP telephonyOption Diversité is at your service!

At Planifico, they believe that ressource management should be an enjoyable activity requiring only a few minutes per week. Many businesses from different industries share this vision and have actively contributed to the developpment of Planifico in order to maximize the efficiency in your industry.

By using Planifico, businesses not only save many hours in management every week, but also find that their work environment is more enjoyable and notice a reduction in the rate of absenteeism and a significiant improvement of employee punctuality. By increasing employee and manager satisfaction, you will reduce your employee turnover and training costs.


Very professional and rigorous. Totem team members contributed their individual know-how and versatility to ensure the best fit between their expert services and our business needs.

Renaud Festraets, Vice President, Jeff de Bruges Canada Inc.

Strategic, efficient and reliable.

Pierre Garceau, President and CEO, Conseil québécois de la franchise

Sylvie Grégoire really cares about the success of my company. I can count on her and her team to support me throughout the evolution of my company.

Sonia Truchon, President and CEO of Dermaveda



When you recommend us to your clients interested in our services, we would be happy to prepare a flexible proposal according to your preferences as our appreciation for your trust. You can choose to have the privileges granted directly to you, to your company or to your clients.

At the numerous requests from our clients, such as lawyers, accountants and other professionals, Totem has designed and launched a highly beneficial referral program.


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