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Sylvie Grégoire, MBA, CRHA
Sylvie Grégoire, MBA, CRHA
Président - Expert in strategic management, organizational development, HR and franchising

After almost 20 years in the field of identifying and implementing solutions to boost organizational performance, Sylvie launched her new project, Totem, combining her passion of an entrepreneur and know-how of a manager.
Experience: Mackenzie Financial Corporation, Université de Sherbrooke, Conseil québécois de la franchise, etc.

« Strategic-minded, effective and reliable.»
– Pierre Garceau, CEO, Conseil québécois de la franchise

« Dependable, honest, transparent and rigorous… these are the characteristics that come to mind when I think about Sylvie.»
– Jean Cadieux, Professor, Université de Sherbrooke, and
Lead Researcher, BNQ 21000 and Sustainable Development

« Professional, strong business management skills, pleasant to deal with, offering individual approach, dynamic, and a great facilitator.»
– Carol Alfieri-Belafi, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources – Franchise, FGL Sports Ltd

Serge Germain, CFA
Serge Germain, CFA
Expert - Financial Analyst

Business numbers are no mystery to Serge. A renowned financial analyst, he dissects financial statements to identify opportunities to maximize your performance.
Experience: Université de Sherbrooke, Transamerica Life Canada, Noranda, etc.

Mylène Grégoire
Mylène Grégoire
Head of Web Marketing & Communications

Mylène contributes her exceptional writing skills and attention to detail in the planning and execution of communication strategies in the context of social media. Her perfectionism combined with her ability to seize the very essence of the organizational challenges in order to suggest creative ideas to overcome potential hurdles are a great asset to our team.

Marie-Claude Lavoie
Marie-Claude Lavoie
Expert – Branding, Marketing and Design

During her 20+ years of experience, Marie-Claude worked at prominent advertising agencies and acquired considerable marketing expertise in tourism, restaurant/hospitality, automotive and telecommunications sectors. She is passionate about the development, evolution and experience of the brand.

Myrja Lamarche
Myrja Lamarche
Expert – Team Performance Management

With her health industry management background, Myrja contributes her experience in team optimization, effective change management as well as management of problem employees. Her strengths include performance indicators and dashboard management.

« Myrja is known for her enthusiasm, rigor and care for customer welfare by continuously focusing on their needs.  She is able to maintain good relations with everyone. »
– Danielle Lareau, General Manager, CRDITED Estrie


Ms Myrja Lamarche takes her work to heart. She is fully dedicated to the success of her customers and has a lot of ideas on how to improve organizational performance. »
– Dominique Paré, Chair of the Board

Our values

For the Totem team, corporate values go well beyond mere concepts; they are reflected in every project, interaction and venture we launch. They are the driving force behind all our efforts.


Excellence : Meet or surpass objectives – Achieve highest standards in performance – Maintain strategic curiosity and business intelligence for continuous improvement


Integrity : Stay true and transparent under any circumstances – Make sure our relations, offers and decisions are based on the principles of fairness and equity

Adaptability : Consideration of the unique needs of individuals (clients, employees and collaborators) – Continuous evolution of our offer based on tomorrow’s challenges

Strategic snapshot

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