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Totem offers you expert support, tools and methods to optimize the performance of your organization. We will become your strategic right hand. Moreover, to guarantee our full commitment and engagement in your success, we can offer you an innovative professional fee solution. Instead of a fixed fee, you could pay a percentage of the gains or savings generated as a result of our project.

Companies that want to grow their operations can also call on our experts to evaluate the strategy to develop through franchising and for the implementation of the franchise network.


Pricing structure reflects actual results
Identify critical organizational challenges (your company snapshot)
Select your strategy and key performance indicators (KPI)
Set preliminary KPIs
Implement the strategy and monitor results
Measure the KPIs (in $)

Totem helps you identify your top priorities and critical challenges, and suggests effective, lasting solutions. We support you in the implementation of specific tactics to achieve your strategy.


Optimize your strategic decisions

To see the whole strategic picture of an organization you would need to take a step back. However, this step is too often neglected for lack of time. Totem becomes your right hand, contributing a new perception and clear understanding to help you make high-level strategic decisions.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Strategic thinking and implementation strategies
  • Strategic business portrait and human resources diagnosis & recommendations
  • Market analysis and recommendations
  • Implementation of performance indicators (KPIs)
Optimize your financial results

While most business people religiously track their sales and profits, few of them know how to identify and fix financial leaks. Totem can prepare a detailed analysis for your organization and propose strategies.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Analysis of your financial statements to highlight inconsistencies or performance losses
  • Analysis of different HR performance indicators or ratios and transfer to financial losses to support decision-making
  • Implementation of performance indicators (KPIs)
Optimize through a network of franchises

Realize the implementation of a franchise expansion strategy or optimization of your existing franchise network.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Financial, marketing, human and operational feasibility analysis to grow through franchising
  • Writing or consulting about operations manual
  • Design of your training strategies and documents
  • Recruitment and implementation of franchisee’s selection process
Optimize your business processes

Optimization of your business processes could save you time and money. Moreover, it allows to meet the needs and expectations of your customers, thus putting you ahead of the competition.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Analysis of the added value for your customers of the actions of your employees and the processes in place to highlight the efficiency losses
  • Implementing new policies and procedures to maximize customer value and profits
  • Analysis of the fluidity of interdepartmental procedures as well as implementation of improvement strategies
  • Implementation of performance indicators (KPIs)
Optimize your teams

Total payroll expenses are one of the largest single expense category in business. However, surprisingly few companies take measures to optimize and assess the performance of their teams.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Analysis and development of your collective performance via the Team Booster tool
  • Establishment of best practices and procedures
  • Team conflict resolution using the fundamentals of NeuroLeadership
  • Development of your team skills according to your organizational challenges
  • Implementation of performance indicators (KPIs)
Optimize you skills

Imagine how much your company could benefit if all of your employees, managers and executives would use their full potential. Implementing the right skills development strategies and measure their return on investment (ROI) will have a significant impact on the sustainability of your business and its profitability.

Examples of organizational improvements:

  • Design your training by taking into account the fundamentals of NeuroLeadership to optimize the impact
  • Implementing and executing skills development strategies by leveraging NeuroLeadership and measuring results
  • Train your trainers to increase their skills
  • Implementation of performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the financial impact of your skills development strategies

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