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Hey, Boss!

31 August 2017

Let me introduce myself: my employee ID Number is 04, I am a seasoned professional with rich work experience, most of it is rewarding and inspiring, yet some is frustrating and even annoying at times! However, every event and every encounter on my career path forges my character and builds my identity.

Through its blogs, Totem Performance Organisationnelle mainly targets organizational leaders. So, I decided to step in and speak on behalf of employees – those who are happy, those who are dissatisfied and even those who feel invisible in an organization where every team member must feel valued and appreciated.

I am talking to employees who, I am sure, can relate to what I want to say here, and above all, I am talking to Bosses, Presidents, Leaders, Owners, and to all those who have “important” titles in their electronic signatures. I address all business leaders, because I want to be heard! As an employee, I’ve lived many emotions and I know I’ll have many others to go through (retirement is not yet an option for me, my RRSP and investment accounts would not allow it yet!). And that’s what I’d like to talk with you about…

Dear bosses, when you table your decisions, do you always know how they affect your employees, their feelings and their state of mind? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt your humanity. After all, most of you also go through ups and downs when making important decisions concerning us. But wouldn’t you like to really understand what some of your employees actually live on a daily basis? I’m talking about their feelings, from conflicting to happy, and everything in-between. Did you think that all your employees are completely frank when letting you in on what’s going on in their lives? Trust me, they are not, otherwise the unemployment rate would go through the roof.

So I’ll share my thoughts and my personal experience, as well as the experience of people whom I know and even those whom I hardly know, who wanted to talk to me about their professional and personal lives. And indeed, our personal and professional lives are closely connected, which makes your role of leaders even more complex! I would like to use the stories and testimonials of real people to bring to light the subject less talked about, that of the relationships between employees and their bosses, and even the relationships between employees. You might be surprised!

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. And I also hope they can make you think about the part of you that you had to put away to be a leader who does not let emotions get in the way of decision-making! And if this is the case, you should know that your employees, just like you, drag their emotional baggage back home with them after their workday is over… to the dismay of their loved ones and to the delight of family lawyers!

By the way, several years ago I made a choice and I’m no longer an employee with the ID Number 04. I am Mylène Grégoire. And it is my pleasure to share my world with you. It is the world I love to color with good humor and wit, but which is never far from the truth…

See you soon!

Mylène Grégoire

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